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About AliAK Kennels, LLC:

We are a very small, state licensed kennel. We are located on 30 acres in Marengo, IL, a farming community. Karen has been involved with the AKK since 2002, and retired from corporate America in 2005 to dedicate 100% of her time to the dogs. Yes, she has really gone to the dogs in every sense!

We also have a very small Siberian Husky show dog breeding program, named Shiver Siberians.

In 2007 we built our kennel and are very proud of it’s cleanliness and state of the art amenities. It was truly a labor of love and our little ones are very comfortable!




About the Breed:

The Alaskan Klee Kai (AKK) was developed in Alaska by Linda Spurlin and her family, to be a companion-sized version of the Alaskan Husky.  From the early 70’s through 1988, the Spurlins carefully selected dogs that met their high standards for appearance and soundness.  The first AKK to be sold outside of Alaska was in 1988.  The AKK was recognized by the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) in 1995 and by the United Kennel Club (UKC) on January 1, 1997.

Nicknamed the Alaskan Husky in Miniature, the AKK is a smaller version of its northern ancestors weighing an average of ten to fifteen pounds.  Despite its husky ancestry, this newly developed breed is intended to pull heartstrings instead of sleds.  Their smaller size and loyal and somewhat reserved personality make them a unique companion for those seeking a smaller northern breed.

The most distinctive characteristic of the AKK is the striking facial mask that must be clearly visible due to contrasting colors.

The AKK has prick ears and a well-furred tail that curls over the back or to either side when the dog is alert or moving.   They can be black and white, or shades of gray and white, or red and white.  They can be either short-haired or long-haired Their eyes can be both blue, both brown, one of each or parti-colored.

The AKK comes in three varieties.  The Toy measures up to 13 inches from the withers to the ground.  The Miniature is over 13 inches and up to 15 inches, and the Standard is over 15 inches but not more than 17-1/2 inches.  His weight is proportionate to his height.

The overall appearance of the AKK reflects the breed’s northern heritage.   He is very curious, active, quick and agile. He is loyal and affectionate with family members, but can be reserved and cautious with strangers and in unfamiliar situations.  Obedience training is highly recommended for socialization.


Below is a video showing AKK puppies and their Siberian counterparts at the same ages. 


The AKK has a high energy level and, due to its heavy double coat, sheds continuously and “blows” coat twice a year.  Therefore an AKK may not be an ideal choice for everyone.  However, if in an appropriate home, the AKK can be a wonderful and loving companion.  Because of their size, these dogs can live in an apartment, but a home with at least a small, well-fenced yard is recommended. They should be exercised regularly, however, they are not as dependent on exercise as their larger relatives. 

By Lenor Knapp----Thank you Lenor!