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Years ago, I had a puppy that was born completely black! I was  intrigued as I watched the metamorphosis of the all black newborn into my first "AliAK DArKK" adult!  I find these DArKK Dogs exhibit exceptional temperaments, health and structure.


The pup on the right was our first DArKK baby!


The term DArKK is a copyrighted term created solely by AliAK Kennels, LLC to describe our line of dark alaskan klee kai dogs. The term itself was first used as part of a registered name and thus immediately copyrighted as of March, 2008 when we registered GR CH PR AliAK's DArKK Mysterious One (Missy) as well as her littermate PR AliAK's DArKK December Sky (Sky). While registration is not required to protect a copyrighted term, we have also filed to register "DArKK" as a trademark of our line. We will aggressively pursue damages from any breeder who infringes on our copyright/trademark by using the term "DArKK" without our permission. This term will ONLY be used on heavily pigmented and masked Alaskan Klee Kai born here and/or owned by AliAK Kennels, LLC.


<>Since the first puppy was born, we have bred many more DArKK's, and now have 3 UKC Grand Champion DArKK dogs.

Here are some more pictures of our beautiful DArKK dogs as well as some black timber wolves and siberians we admire for their unique, exotic looks:


              Zoey is on the right She was our second DArKK!


The pictures below are of wolves and siberians: